“Membagi Dunia”: Cara Pengelolaan Modal Sosial Pura di Denpasar

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This studyaimstorevealthecreativeways thatpengempon andtraditionalvillage boardsdevelop andmanagecollective capitalinthetemples of Denpasar. Inthe past, capital in the form of temples only meant pelaba and pratima, but now a varietyofassetshave been developed.To empowerthe pengempon,officialsofthe traditionalvillagemanage itbycombining traditional and modern management methodsto increase the total quality of management. Theyareoftheopinion that temples may have productive assets to meet itssecularneeds intherealmofthe socio-cultural andtheeconomic.Thiscan bedonebecausetheyconceptually and clearly“dividetheworld”--in otherwords, theydivide capitalintotwoworlds:sekala andniskala.Capitalisdivided accordingto thestructureofthetemple ashierarchically conceivedbyTriMandala.Thisconception opens up space to manage assets based ontheframework ofTriHitaKarana. The divided world of nista-madya-mandalais arealillustration ofthe journey from the concrete totheabstractworld.

Keywords:Capital, Management, Empowerment,Tri Mandala,Tri Hita Karana.

“Membagi Dunia”: Cara Pengelolaan Modal Sosial Pura di Denpasar

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